Significant Milestones

  • January 2012 was filled with celebration and joyous dancing when the first eighth grade class from Kimondo Victory Academy succeeded in their Final National Primary Examination. All 19 students passed their exams with very high scores. FOM Ministries, through funding from sponsors, was gratified to enroll the 19 students in high school, which is boarding school in Kenya. These teenagers were unable to hide their joy when Apostle Joshua personally took each of them to enroll in their high school and paid their fees in-full for the entire year. At the same time, all of their school necessities were also purchased. As the sponsorships continued, it has been such a godsend for all those high school students to have their school fees, room, board and provisions paid for by loving Christians.
  • Our loving God blessed the ministry, as another huge milestone was achieved in 2016; the very first class of 21 young people graduated from high school. Their life was changed through consistent nutritious meals, education, healthcare and safety. More importantly, these children have grown up knowing they are loved and cared for by a stranger who made the loving choice to help them with prayers and financial support.  Imagine the joy of these young people who began a life of poverty and then through hard work and the help of someone they will likely never meet, they gained the satisfaction in knowing their education sets them apart.
  • In the spring of 2016, nineteen students of the soon-to-be first graduating high school class of Kimondo Victory Academy took their college entrance exams. For young adults in Kenya to have real opportunity to change their station in life or the world around them, a college degree is essential.  Unfortunately, working to put one’s self through college is nearly impossible in Kenya.  While the students were preparing to take their exams, Pastor Joshua was meeting, talking and praying with numerous individuals here in the U.S.   His hopes were to find a way to help fund college tuition and expenses for any of the students who passed their exams and received a letter of acceptance to a Kenyan college.
  • In the fall of 2016, through continued and new sponsorship commitments, Pastor Joshua was able to help coordinate the funding of tuition and fees for these very special 16 young adults.  How fitting it is that some of these same remarkable students who were the first class of children to attend Kimondo Victory Academy, were the first graduating high school class for Fishers of Men Ministries and now will be the first sponsored college students in history of this ministry.  The generosity and phenomenal commitment of others will help assure the success of these young adults in years to come.