Partnerships– FOM Ministries is looking for people who would really like to “make a difference” in the world they live in.

Child Sponsorship monies are spent in-full directly for the children at Kimondo Victory Academy and high school students. No percentage is withheld from the sponsorship donations to pay for administration or other general needs of the ministry. All funding for administration and general needs are raised separately by general donations or grants.

General donations and project monies are essential to pay for administration, projects needs and general ministry expenses.  With the variety of projects, leadership and discipleship training, and church planting, miscellaneous funding needs routinely arise.

When you choose to donate for a specific project, please indicate the project and we will make sure your donation is used as designated. If the gift is to fund a specific project or water well, please indicate if there is a specific village you would like to benefit from this project.

Staff Sponsorship is also helpful.  Your continued gift can help sponsor a teacher, cook or pastor. You can personally sponsor a teacher for $100 to help provide funds for our staff member’s living expenses in Kenya.  It is our current practice to combine 10 sponsors who give an additional $10 a month through child sponsorship and apply these gifts to sponsor a teacher.

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