Pastor Joshua’s Story

In the early sixties, Rev. Joshua Ngao, Founder & President of the FOM Ministries was born and grew up in Muamba Wi Ngunga. This village is located in the remote interior of eastern Kenya and has been distressed by deep poverty.

Pastor Joshua’s father died when Joshua was very young and was he raised by his mother amid poverty. Joshua and his sisters often had to run to and from school traveling over ten miles from home. Unfortunately, most of the time the children attended school with empty stomachs. The family situation was quite dire, Joshua didn’t receive his first pair of shoes until he was sixteen years old.

Growing up, Joshua’s life was difficult but his mother made certain that he received his primary (K-8) education. He passed his primary exams very well, but was unable to attend high school because of lack of money available for school fees and uniform. Thus Joshua move to the Nairobi in search of a job. His real desire was to continue his education.  To make this happen, Joshua worked at night to be able to pay for his education and attended high school classes during the day and then college.

After completing college, Joshua began working full-time.  It was then the Lord reminded Joshua how he had grown-up in poverty; calling him to go and minister to the poor. Feeling the Lord’s call, Joshua left a good job founding Fishers of Men Ministries through which he established churches in the Nairobi slums and near-by villages.