Fishers of Men Ministries is working on many day-to-day projects to change the lives of individuals and communities. Past projects continue to affect many in Kenya today with the ripple-effect. By continuing to provide boreholes/water wells in both eastern and western Kenya health is improved, opportunity for education and employment are greater when the need to fetch water daily is removed. FOM congregations are both growing in number and spirituality in the church ministry buildings we have constructed. Discipleship training is equipping many people to serve. Other projects such as providing sewing machines or wood carving skills help train those without a vocation.

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  • Clean water in Kenya will continue to be a major problem well into the future. Fishers of Men Ministries will continue to focus on drilling boreholes and building water wells as funds become available. Learn more by clicking (add link to Clean Water).
  • One of our largest far-reaching project to-date is the establishment of two medical clinics (Kimondo and Maryango). Our goal for this project is to provide on-going sustainable health and medical care for these regions; making healthcare more attainable. To learned more, click (add link to Medical Clinic).
  • Establishing mango groves will help FOM communities in eastern Kenya to work toward self-sustainability. To learned more, click (add link to Mango Trees).
  • Providing hands-on learning and life skills for students can lead to the ability to enhance a family’s income or create a small business. To learned more, click (add link to Chicken Coup & New Hope).
  • The ministry has been blessed help building churches and provide discipleship training for our pastors and members. To learned more by clicking (add link to Churches).
  • Working with women to build community while sharing skills. To learned more, click (add link to Sewing).