FOM Muvatu Worship Center was started in 2009 by Rev. Joshua Ngao, Founder and President of FOM Ministries. Pastor Joshua visited Muvati, which was the native home for one of the ministers serving FOM Ministries. It was during that visit when village residents asked to have a church started. They felt very strongly that there was a real need for a spiritual church, as there were no others in the entire village.

The FOM Muvati Worship Center is located in eastern Kenya.  Currently the church is under the leadership of Nicodemus and Agella Kiteme Wambua. In this particular area, witchcraft and black-magic are very prevalent. Many people were living in fear because of these beliefs and practices. Pastor Joshua was moved by the need of the local people craving a true savior and church.

The mother of the local pastor donated land for building / planting this church. This generous gift prompted the planting of this church. Without faithful givers here in the U.S. and Kenya, FOM Ministries could not continue to grow and help so many individuals and families.  The FOM Ministries headquarters and Pastor Bret Black, a local pastor, partnered together in the construction of Muvati church. Initially the church began as a small house fellowship, as the number of members increased, and the congregation moved to the donated land and built a tiny temporary church building before the current permanent worship center was built.

Through the ministry of the Muvati church, many have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Others have been delivered from witchcraft spells and curses and still others have stopped practicing witchcraft to follow Jesus. Given its location on top of a hill, this church is indeed a light in the darkness to many in this area.  Blessedly they ran to the Lord, receiving help and hope.

Pastor Black’s church in the U.S. partnered with the village to construct of a water well at the church. Previously, many families had to walk for more than two miles to collect water from a dirty river, which typically dried up during the dry season. The construction of this well blessed the entire village with enough water for their families and their livestock.

  • NEED – Sound Equipment: This Church is in need of sound equipment for use during worship.

Please contact us for details if the Lord is leading you to be part of reaching out to the village of Muvati for Jesus.

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In 2008, Reverend Joshua returned to his native home village and officially started a church, the Muamba Revival Center. The people of the village willingly received leadership and the gospel from Pastor Joshua since he was one of “their own” who returned to bring them the light of the gospel.  Sharing his love and the gospel led many clansmen and villagers, including his sisters, to give their lives to Christ.  Later partnering with the Rock Church located in Davenport, Iowa (U.S.) FOM was able to build a permanent church where the people of Muamba now worship together.

Since he was a child, the people of Muamba had to walk nearly twenty miles to get water. Often the trek was made in hopes that water would be available especially in the continued drought conditions.  In 2010, again Pastor Joshua and the Rock Church from Davenport, Iowa worked together to bore a water well drilling 420 feet down on the Revival Center’s compound. This new well was a huge blessing to all in the village for about one year.  Unfortunately because of the on-going drought in the region, the water level fell below the suspended pump and many believed the well had dried up.

In 2016, with still no water available from the well, there was a critical need to have the County Water Engineers evaluate the situation in hopes of finding a solution.  The Lord’s blessings for this village were still apparent when the engineers determined that water availability was not issue.  Because of the depth of the well a manual hand-pump did not provide sufficient pressure to extract the water from the 420 feet depth.  With the water resource available, simply by adding an electric pump and solar power the flow of water could be restored.  God continued to work behind the scenes while the engineers were looking for resolution.  Funding for the electric pump, solar power, and holding tank were provided with the help of two generous donors and Sherrard Junior High School student body.

FOM Muamba Church also has a pre-school that helps local children begin to prepare for attending school.  Remembering how many miles he had to walk to attend school, Apostle Joshua has proposed starting a school for it is believed education is key to life. The distance to the closest primary school is so faraway it simply isn’t possible (or safe) for young children to walk to school.

  • NEED – Build School: Build a full primary school (K-8) for the children in the village and surrounding area. (As it currently stands after one year of pre-school, the children have to walk quite a distance to the next school.)


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Fishers of Men Ministries’ fellowship near the Mombasa coast is the most recent addition. This ministry fellowship was born through the dream of an exchange student from Kenya, Mwalimu Karisa, who travel to the United States for an educational exchange program. While in the U.S., he met with Rev. Joshua Ngao, President of Fishers of Men Ministries, and learned about the significant changes that were being made due to the ministries hard work.

Mwalimu was so passionate about the poverty and lack of water in his home village, that through Fishers of Men Ministries and under Pastor Ngao’s leadership, all the funds were raised to sink the first borehole in Mwalimu’s village of Maryango.  After solving the clean water problems in this village, access to a healthcare facility was the next major hurtle along with the need of a sound doctrine church to meet the spiritual needs of the people of this village. Through continued fund raising the construction of Fishers of Men Maryango Community Medical Dispensary and Maryango Fishers of Men Church began.

On August 25, 2016, the Maryango Medical Clinic was partially opened and 120 patients were treated the first day.  The Clinic has now officially been inspected and approved by the Kenya Department of Health for full operation.  A blessing for this village and area has been realized bringing immediate access to medical treatment, especially important for critical conditions such as malaria, cholera and child birth complications.  Fishers of Men Ministries continued to partner with the local people to help bring positive change to this community, provide life giving nourishment through the Christian fellowship and live saving services through the medical clinic.

  • NEED – Funding: The Medical Clinic building is now completed. On-going funding will be needed to continue to providing medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and a full-time staff. Stay updated with the Medical Clinic.
  • NEED – Medical Transport: This would allow for transporting the critically ill or taking medical care to those with limited mobility.