FOM Maili Saba Victory Center began in 2000, after Pastor Joshua Ngao, Founder/President of FOM with his wife Kathleen, met Pastor Kennedy Magwiru in Nairobi and agreed to work together. This first church began with Pastor Kennedy, his wife and one family, worshiping in a classroom at a nearby school.

In 2001, FOM Ministries’ headquarters along with friends of the ministry, helped buy land, erect a semi-permanent church building, and provide support for the church and the Pastor. Then in 2003, a permanent building was started with sacrificial giving from the Maili Saba congregation and funds to complete the building by roofing it were provided by Savanna Methodist Church in Illinois.

Pastor Kennedy Magwiru now leads this church as the senior pastor.  FOM Maili Saba Victory Center has grown from a humble beginning to a large church that is impacting the Maili Saba Township and its neighborhoods. Many members travel over 15 kilometers from Kitale, to meet, fellowship and worship with their brothers and sisters in Christ. The church has become a haven of hope, a place where many receive spiritual nourishment, guidance and healing from the troubles and cares of this world.

The church’s vision is discipleship, outreach and evangelism to the totally unreached people, the young and the old; the women; the men; and the children. The church offers a unique service where worship is real and not just a drama. The Maili Saba church is committed to helping every person know that he or she is precious to God and a valued person in the family of God. This vision includes reaching out to all of Maili Saba with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to have at least three services each Sunday within the next two years.

FOM Maili Saba Victory Center also serves as the national headquarters of Fishers of Men Ministries in Kenya, and houses this growing and dynamic ministry.

  • NEED – Equip Church Office: The church is experiencing growth almost daily and the needs are always increasing. One of these needs is to equip and furnish a church office to be used for growing pastoral counseling and administrative tasks.
  • NEED – Computer Class: The church has many youth who are unable to secure a job after finishing high school and others who have dropped out because lack of school fees. The church has a burden of helping equip these young people with some type of skills. The needed funding will purchase computers, software, networking and classroom instruction.

The two projects are estimated to cost $6,200.00. This one building will include two rooms for church offices downstairs and two computer rooms upstairs.

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Mokywet Fishers of Men Church began in 2000 in a classroom with only a few members. One year later, the church congregation had increased tremendously. During this time, Rev. Joshua, the founder of this Ministry, talked with friends from the U.S. who donated funds which enabled the church to buy a half-acre plot of land and built a semi-permanent church.

This congregation started a project to construct a permanent church building. Using the analogy of how Jesus often asked people in need, “What do you have?” This church handmade and baked 10,000 bricks and gathered enough sand for this endeavor.  In 2013, the Lord provided funds to complete the construction of a permanent church building where the congregation continues to worship and attract new members.

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During one of his mission trips to Kenya in 2001, Rev. Joshua Ngao, Founder/President of the FOM Ministries established Fishers of Men Kimondo Mission.  Kimondo village is situated, in a remote area at the foot of Mount Elgon, about fifty kilometers from Uganda. This area has a high level of poverty, illiteracy and disease, especially HIV/ AIDS, which has left many children orphaned.

The mission church started as a fellowship with just few members, but has gradually continued to grow. On a following mission trip, Pastor Joshua and Missionary Wayne Stuedemann visited the Kimondo church where both servants of God were deeply moved witnessing the vast poverty and primitive living conditions in this village. Most of the children were not in school because their parents could not afford to outfit and enroll them. These parents were struggling to just put food on the table. Many of the other children were orphaned and had no one to help with their education. This prompted the creation of Kimondo Victory Academy. Still today, the aim is to help the orphaned and needy children to get an education. As an infant, Grace Asline Chebet, now a student, was thrown in the pit latrine by her mother. She was rescued by good Samaritans and the mother disappeared. Moved by compassion, Pastor Joshua committed to place the little girl in the Kimondo Victory Academy.

The school opened in 2001 with one kindergarten class, then expanded each year until now is a full primary school (K-8). Today, it is a home to over 215 children and 73 young men and women who are in high school.  Each student receives their education and all of their daily needs are met.  The development and continued operation of Kimondo Victory Academy has been totally funded through child sponsorship and the donations of many, who have partnered with the FOM Ministries to show the Love of Christ to those in need.  (See additional information under Child Sponsorship)

The Kimondo campus truly is a light in the darkness to the entire region demonstrating the love of God and what God can accomplish through caring people. A village that was once engulfed by the darkness of hopelessness has now seen the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ in action.

The Kimondo campus also houses Kimondo church whereby it serves the Academy children as well as the surrounding community. The church sanctuary is also used as the dining hall for the children. Presently, Fishers of Men, Kimondo Medical Clinic has been completed and is now serving the children and community’s healthcare needs at the Kimondo Campus. The medical clinic will be a giant blessing to this community, since the nearest hospital is about twenty-five kilometers away. The distance alone is a hardship to the people who need to walk to get healthcare.  Even if they could get to the hospital in time, these local people could not afford the cost of medical treatment. Many in this area have made the choice to just continue to suffer and die at home, so as not to be a burden.

  • NEED – Child Sponsorship: There are many more children in this need assistance (Click the “Child Sponsorship” tab for more information.)
  • NEED – Equip Medical Clinic: The building structure is now complete, yet funding is still needed to help finish the inside and equip it with medical & laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, and staff.
  • NEED – Medical Transport: A clinic vehicle would be an absolute blessing for the clinic. This would allow for transporting the critically ill or taking medical care to those with limited mobility. (Click the “Projects” tab then Medical Clinic to find more information.)

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From a humble beginning in 2001, the Fishers of Men Church at Sitatunga has been led by Pastor Patrick Mauso. The church began in a small classroom and has continued to increase dramatically. In 2003, Rev. Joshua and Kathleen Ngao along with friends from the United States donated funds to buy a plot of land and construction of a semi-permanent church.  The congregation of Sitatunga continued to grow in their faith and serve our Lord.  The members also continued to pray that God would help them build a permanent church building.

In early 2014, the Sitatunga Church members stepped out in faith and started hand-making bricks from the iron-rich clay soil found right on the church’s property.  The congregation members took turns digging up the soil and forming the bricks, four at-a-time. When the FOM mission team visited the church in August 2014, members had made 7,000 bricks, which were stored in the temporary church to protect them from the elements.  There were so many bricks the congregation was only able to utilize half of the church for worship.  By late September 2014, 10,000 bricks had been made and God started working in donors’ hearts.  Soon enough, sufficient funds had been received to “fire” all of the bricks to increase the hardness making them suitable for construction purposes.

As the congregation continued to prayer for funding and direction, our Lord continued to work through the hearts of Christians through-out the Quad Cities area.  During August 2015 FOM mission trip, the new church’s foundation was started.  Through their worship and faithfulness the Lord provided the necessary funds to finish the foundation and walls.  By early spring 2016, Point of Grace/New Point Church in West Des Moines provided additional funding to finish the structural construction and dig a water well.  Thus allowing FOM Sitatunga to provide clean fresh water for the church members and surrounding area, while providing living water through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • NEED – Worship Space: Though the construction of a permanent, stronger church building has been completed, funding is still needed to complete the church’s interior worship space. The congregation still needs to equip the worship space with seating, altar and sound equipment.
  • NEED – Bibles: Furnishing Bibles would be a phenomenal gift for this congregation so these faithful Christians can continue to study and share the light of Jesus Christ with their neighbors.

*An interesting fact: Sitatunga is a unique animal found only in this areas of the world. It looks like a goat and lives in water and swampy marshes. People from all over the world travel to Sitatunga to see the sitatunga.

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