Maryango Community Medical Clinic

On August 25, 2016, a second clinic and dispensary was opened in in Maryango.   The Clinic has been officially inspected and approved by the Kenya Department of Health for full operation.  This new medical clinic is a true blessing for this village and surrounding areas providing immediate access to medical treatment, especially important for critical conditions such as malaria, cholera and child birth complications.  Fishers of Men Ministries will continue to partner with the local villagers to aid in bringing positive changes to this community.

Fisher of Men Ministries is looking for partners to help address both medical clinics’ funding needs. Finishing and equipping the Kimondo clinic will be a significant blessing for this rural impoverished community.  Not only will the Kimondo and Maryango clinics serve sick people in both areas, but in some instances they will likely make the difference between living and dying. Access to better healthcare and health education will enable these rural Kenyan people to improve their quality of life. If you are interested in being part of this exciting “prayer in motion” project, please contact the FOM Executive Director, Joshua Ngao (563-508-5550),