Mokywet Women’s Tailoring Project

Building community while sharing skills

The project was started by Open Bible Praise Center in Boonville, MO, headed by one of their congregation member Anne Kauffman (Dreyer).  The simple premise behind this project was to bring women together in community and help develop and improve individuals’ skills that could be learned from one another.  Designed to be a unique way of strengthening their personal relationships and providing small ways to earn an income for their families.

Since the project was started with a few sewing machines and fabric, the ladies from the Mokywet congregation have made several table clothes that were sold at the local market.  Their ultimate goals include training more members and youth to be equipped with skills for self-employment.  Through local marketing and sales of the hand-made products completed by the group and providing tailoring services these women are hoping to make this a self-sustaining project. Because of the lack of funding for materials, the Mokywet women’s sewing ministry is putting forth an appeal for support.

Their dream is to start a project fund generated by tailoring and sewing household goods so that they can assist poor church members, pay school fees for needy children and assist windows and orphans.  By improving their skills and their ‘sewing guild’ the long-term goals of these ladies is to provide services, making school uniforms.

In Kenya, every child who wants to attend school must be able to pay the required fees and have the appropriate uniform.  What a blessing it would be to encourage and improve these ladies tailoring skills to where someday they could make all of the Kimondo Academy and high school uniforms for the Fishers of Men Ministries’ students. Providing sewing and tailoring services to create other school uniforms which could be sold locally could mean a steady source of work and funding for this group.

Can you help make a difference? Please consider how you might become involved in funding this ministry project.  By adding additional sewing or knitting machines, fabrics, and ironing boxes this ministry could very well change lives and provide a huge cost savings for the entire ministry.  Supporting this project could help ladies become self-sufficient, while improving their families’ lives.  Through generous donations and partnerships, together we can impact lives