Education Changes Everything

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” To help improve lives one can feed and clothe children but without education very little will change their meager situation in life. Knowledge learned is never lost; however, it can also be the key to reducing poverty, preventing needless illnesses and deaths along with fostering peace. Education stimulates and encourages students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional growth and development providing better opportunities in life.

The Kimondo Victory Academy was created to help care for and protect children. Removing the barriers to achieving an education was not only seen as a life-saving need for the area but also as a method to help the local people fight back against generations of poverty and insecurity. The school opened in 2001 with one kindergarten class, then expanded each year until now it is a full primary school (K-8). Today, it is a home to over 215 primary school children and 73 who are in high school. Each student receives their education and all their daily needs are met. The development and continued operation of Kimondo Victory Academy has been totally funded through child sponsorship and the donations of many, who have partnered with the FOM Ministries to show the Love of Christ to those in need.



Achievements in 2018

Currently, 343 children and young adults participate in the sponsorship program while attending primary school, high school, and colleges.

The ministry to complete all open construction projects; shifting the focus from the little remaining details to a consistent and identifying presence for the Ministry across all the communities we serve.

Mango grove now has over 900 plants and the first fruits will be harvested very soon and taken to market.

New leadership structure is introduced to make our churches and ministry stronger and more effective in serving others. Leadership councils were appointed to help Pastors more efficiently manage church matters, oversee the church body and shepherd members.

Church established in Sinendet village and FOM Fellowship started on Maasai land at Emuruadikir village.


Achievements in 2017

Hospitality Ministry set to be completed with development of the cottages and dining room compound at Mailisaba, near Kitale and also at Kora in eastern Kenya. A well has be dug to provide clean accessible water for the cottages.

The Mango Grove at Muamba, a village in eastern Kenya is now complete. With help from the Heights Church, in Collinsville, IL and others the planting has now been completed. The purchase and installation of a 10,000-liter water tank and solar power for the mango farm has also been finished.

With current year graduates, FOM Ministries has now helped produce 135 high school Students. Out of these, 59 of the graduates are either enrolled in college or waiting to find sponsorship so they can attend college.


Achievements in 2016

Two water wells were dug: Kilawa and Sitatunga

New program establishes hands-on learning and agricultural instruction. The Kimondo Victory Academy students will be learning to care for the chickens, egg collection process, and raising healthy chickens.


Achievements in 2015

For the fourth year all students from the Kimondo Victory Academy have passed the annual proficiency exams: 16 students transitioning from Academy to high school and a total of 78 FOM students attended three different high schools.

Students from Davenport West’s Robotics Club put together a kit and instructions for building a robot for other students their same grade level. The Kimondo Victory Academy students were very enthusiastic and eager to begin working on this new challenge.

An additional 500 mango trees were planted for future self-sufficiency.

Davenport Award Program announced Fishers of Men Ministries as the ‘2015 Best of Davenport’ in the Religious Organizations category. Recognizing the ministry for achieving success in their local community and having implemented programs to generate long-term value.


Achievements in 2014

Fishers of Men Ministries celebrated of 20 years of building-up people and helping them improve their situations. Providing water wells for the thirsty, basic needs for children and families, educations for a brighter future and demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ.

Mango production to help eastern Kenya FOM communities. The first 100 plants of a low moisture growth variety of mangos were planted in hopes of selling the future crop.

Preparing and transitioning 22 students from 8th grade final examinations, moving on to high school is a huge job. Moving a total of 60 high school students into their new homes is amazing. Without sponsorship, these young people would not have this opportunity to better themselves, their situations, and their futures.

Ministry hosts first national conference with pastors and representatives from all ten FOM Churches and Fellowships at the Mailisaba church, near Kitale. It was an extraordinary time of praise and worship, building unity within the Ministry, celebrating accomplishments, sharing progress and developments, and encouraging the ministry teams.


Achievements in 2013

Three water wells were dug; Kimondo, Kitui


Achievements in 2012

First Medical Clinic stated in Kimondo, potential to help 2,000 people (300 families)

Church established at Kilawa and construction was completed on Mokoiywet church

Added Administration building on-site at Kimondo Victory Academy.


Achievements in 2011

The Academy’s first class of 19 students successfully completed primary school and are transitioned and enrolled in high school.

Successfully sunk bore hole at Muamba finally yielding enough water to sustain the entire village.

Bore hole drilled at Mokoiywet church.


Achievements in 2010

First successful water well is dug at Muamba and then second is dug at Mokoiywet.

Kimondo Victory Academy has the first class of 8th graders taking the national high school proficiency exams.


Achievements in 2009

Ministry continues to grow and help children and families in need.

Muvati Church is established.


Achievements in 2008

Pastor Kennedy Magwiru is appointed as National Director of Fishers of Men Ministries – Kenya. Working with Pastor Joshua Ngao, he will help lead the ministries service and growth.

Church is established at Muamba.


Achievements in 2006

The ministry received approval of 501(c)3 tax-exempt status as a public charity, paving the way to receive tax deductible contributions from supporters and other benefits.

The number of children supported through FOM Ministries grew to 39. A true blessing in the lives of these children.


Achievements in 2003

FOM Ministries was incorporated in the state of Iowa and would continue to be an official ministry to help the ‘least of these.’

Sponsorship program was launched as a method to help bless the children while helping to build a better life and future.


Achievements in 2002

Kimondo Victory Academy was opened in rural Kenya. The nursery school was started with 22 children gathered in one classroom with the plan to add an additional group of children each year. The focus was to feed, clothe and education the children in a Christian environment


Achievements in 2001

The ministry officially settles in Davenport, Iowa and Pastor Joshua began to organize and establish a local support network to help continue to work started in Kenya.

Two Churches are established: Kimondo and Sitatunga


Achievements in 2000

Two Churches are established: Mailisaba and Mokoiywet


Achievements in 1998

Pastor Joshua Ngao starts to transition ministry into an international organization. He began by establish ties to Quad Cities area, after a chance encounter, to increase the strength and reach of ministry.


Achievements in 1994

Fishers of Men Ministries was founded in Kenya by Pastor Joshua Ngao, in answer to a call from God. Pastor Joshua began ministering to the poor in Nairobi Slums and near-by villages.

Founded in 1994