Kenya mission trip – 8-2018- Western Kenya
Kenya mission trip – 8-2018- Western Kenya


The team ventured two days to Kimondo, a rural village. It is situated 25 KM from Kenya and Uganda Borders, a rugged drive, quite a distance from the end of the tarmac.  We were greeted by the ten students, who participate in Kenyan Scouts.  They performed their ‘parade presentation’ skills and immediately transitioned to the flag raising ceremony. A separate ceremony was performed later to retire the old torn flag and presented a new flag, which was donated by one of our missionaries.

What a blessing it was to be welcomed by the cheerful school students with traditional poems, songs, and dance.  All of the students from Kimondo Victory Academy, most of the high school students, and college students were on-hand to share in the opening celebration. Smiles and greetings were exchanged instantly by everyone.

Pastor Corey Johnson spent time teaching and sharing biblical truths with the high school and college students. He explained and answered some very tough questions asked by the students. Many received clarification to issues they have been pondering.

Dr. Palmer participated in both days of Kimondo Medical Camp. Providing eye exams and eye-health screenings for FOM students & staff and community members.  Although he had previously examined many from the FOM group; most of the Kimondo villagers have never previously received eye care or medical care. County medical personnel were also on-hand to provide general health screenings and treatments.

Time was spent interacting with children, observing classroom instruction and playing with one another.  Some of the missionaries learned to play Kenyan games. New ESV Bibles were presented to each of the eight classroom. Later gifts and letters from sponsors were passed out to the children. Overall, the team felt humbled and blessed to have had this opportunity to serve such beautiful and thankful people.  Words cannot clearly define this incredible experience.

On Sunday, the team experienced a wonderful church service at Sitatunga Fishers of Men Church. This was a special time as it was the official opening of the newly completed church. Additional time was spent with 54 deacons and their pastors sharing great biblical and leadership teachings.

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