New Chicken-Coop at Kilawa and Muamba Community School
New Chicken-Coop at Kilawa and Muamba Community School


Kilawa is located in rural eastern Kenya where vegetation is sparse and the ground is dry.  Fishers of Men Ministries has been working with this village for years.  They have grown into a lively village with a vibrant church congregation and a well that helps villagers and their neighbors eke out an existence here.  The ministry is working diligently to make a difference in people’s lives in this scorched land.

Fishers of Men Ministries has always been about providing a helping hand, so the locals can create a better life.  This little community is one step closer to self-sustainability.  After the recent mission trip, generous donors provided funding for the construction of a chicken-coop and purchase of approximately 40 chickens.

This investment in the tight knit community will help the ladies of the village to raise the chickens, collect the eggs and provide a good source of needed protein for their families.  The excess production will be sold at market; then reinvested in the flock and continue to sustain this small village.  Working together, these ladies will be responsible for growing a small business that will benefit the entire area.


Eastern Kenya is dry and dusty and some might say dismal place.  With little-to-no measurable rainfall in the last several years, things just keep getting harder including life.  Fishers of Men Ministries is working to make a difference in people’s lives in this parched area.

The ministry has partnered with the families in the village of Muamba to start the Ngao Academy. Having a school in the village is life changing for these children.  Without a local school, the cycle of poverty continues and puts the children who do make the long walk to the nearest school at risk.

Heights Church located in Collinsville, Illinois has made an enormous commitment to provide funding for additional facilities at the new Academy.  The funding will help complete and stabilize existing structures and add another classroom so the school can increase the students they reach.  This collaboration and investment with the village of Muamba is providing hope and sustainability in an area that is already distressed.




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