Chicken Coup & New Hope
New Program Establishes Hands-on Learning and Life Skills

New program establishes hands-on learning and life skills for students, while making a big difference.  In an effort to provide life skills and agricultural instruction for the children at Kimondo Victory Academy, a new egg and chicken operation is now being included in the educational curriculum. The students are able to participate in hands-on learning while gaining valuable and useful skills and experience for their futures.

It started as a means of helping FOM fellowship pastors become more self-sufficient; a 12-month interest free micro-loan for small business development was introduced. Now earning a steady income, the FOM pastors were able to more clearly focus on growing their fellowships and churches, without distractions. Not only did the new businesses help the pastor’s directly; it also provided service or goods that benefited their communities.

After witnessing the success of several FOM pastors starting their own chicken & egg business ventures, it was decided that there was real value in providing educational opportunities of this type to the Kimondo students. Thus giving the students hands-on experience with successful life skills.  The students will be learning to care and feed the chickens, proper egg collection process, and how to raising healthy chickens. The lessons will include some of the business aspects and propagation of the flock. This new project will not only add to the curriculum, it will also provide fresh eggs and meat for the cafeteria.

Plans are being studied to offer a nine-week “Chicken Management” class to interested local villagers.  This hands-on training program would offer the local peasant villagers the opportunity to learn how to care for and develop a similar business.  The ultimate goal is to help those individuals, who are willing to work hard and help themselves to provide a better life for their family.  By learning to take care of the chickens, the villagers would be establishing a consistent source of food for their family and allow them to the ability to generate a small income.

Please consider making a donation to this project so more individuals have access to life skills training and a chance of a better lives.

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