Water Wells

Fishers of Men Ministries, along with a few precious churches and partners in the United States, have provided, much needed, life-saving water wells in both eastern and western Kenya. Clean drinking water can and does save lives; many of these lives are children. Data for 2012 shows there are roughly 17 million people in Kenya without access to clean water. Weather uncertainties have led to drought and water shortages, which adds even more burden to those suffering.

Lack of clean drinking water is one of the greatest causes of poverty. In Kenya, women and children walk an average of four to six hours per day to collect water. This is precious time that could be spent on education or other pursuits. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee the water source is clean or free of cholera, dysentery, typhoid or parasites. Clean water changes everything; improving health, giving hope and empowering communities.

With your help, Fishers of Men Ministries can help provide clean water to entire communities by creating clean water sources ranging from hand-dug wells to bore-holes. By bringing clean water into a village, a significant burden is lifted from daily life and allows people to improve their circumstances. It is also a fantastic way to show the love of Christ to those who may not know our Lord and Savior.

Does a water well really change lives? Ask the thousands who drink clean water from one of our wells, like the wells in eastern Kenya at FOM Muamba Revival Center, FOM Kilawa Church, or at FOM House of Freedom in Muvati- Kitui. In western Kenya, ask the same question at one of our wells at either Mokywet or Kimondo Academy and the answer will be the same. “Yes! Yes, you can make a difference giving us clean water… saving our lives and providing hope!” (Total to date: 10 wells have been completed)

How can you make a difference? Through donations and generous partnerships, together we can change lives. We have locations both in eastern and western Kenya that desperately need wells. One location is at Sitatunga Village where FOM just built a new church. Additional water wells in eastern and western Kenya can save lives and improve the quality of life in rural areas. When a water well is coupled with solar power and a large storage tank, the community’s resource becomes a conduit to share Christian love. When daily life changes for the better, individuals and families are more willing to listen to and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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