Fishers of Men Christian Cottages
Fishers of Men Christian Cottages

It is with great excitement FOM Ministries announces the completion of the Christian cottage and hospitality compound at Mali Saba, near Kitale and the guest house and ministry office in Kora, near the Kora National Park in Eastern Kenya. One of our goals has continued to be helping the ministry and church members with projects that will lead to becoming self-sufficient.

A plan was conceived to create a safe compound providing facilities to house, feed and aid our mission teams and ministry personnel. The compound was to be a ‘base camp’ of sorts for our ministry teams. The conceptual plan was that while not being utilized by our missionaries the facilities would be offered to other Christian groups and missionaries as Bed & Breakfast type accommodations.

Christian Hospitality Cottages at Mali Saba, located near Kitale in western Kenya, and the dining hall have now been completed and furnished.  This new hospitality ministry will provide Christian operated meeting and lodging services for travelers.  The dining hall will be available for rent by outside Christian organizations to hold training workshops or meetings.  The cottages would be available for outside ministry teams or other Christian travelers.  Interested in learning more and booking your next stay, follow this link.

Kora Hospitality House located near FOM’s eastern fellowships and the well-known Kora National Park in eastern Kenya, has now been completed, furnished, and ready for guests.  This new compound will allow for central coordination of ministry services in eastern Kenya and provide hospitality facilities. When not in use by FOM mission teams or ministry personnel, bed & breakfast services will be available for visitors of the national park.  Interested in learning more and booking your next stay, follow this link.

Spring 2018, we are pleased to announce that our new hospitality ministry is open and ready to provide services for weary Christian travelers in both Western and Eastern Kenya.  These projects are a wonderful way for us to partner with other individuals and ministries seeking to further the Lord’s work. Thank you for your prayers over this endeavor!

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