Mango Trees
Mango production to help with sustainability for Eastern Kenya FOM communities.

The continued drought in Eastern Kenya has limited the economic viability of the FOM fellowships. Recently, a variety of mangos were introduced which allows low moisture growth. Each mango bush costs $1 (US). After the initial three year growth and establishment process, each mango tree will produce an annual crop worth over $100 (US).

While the project is labor intensive upfront, there are huge gains to be earned for persistence and attention to detail. In the low moisture growth region, placing two water bottles turned upside-down at base of each bush will provide all the required water for two weeks. The new well in Muamba will provide the unlimited water source. After three years, water requirements are reduced and fruit production begins allowing community to harvest and market the crop.

An initial crop of 1,000 mango bushes will be planted and cared for by the community. By sharing the work, many hands will make this project a valuable resource. After three years, assuming consistent care and nurturing, this small project will provide big returns for the villagers. Allowing the entire community to benefit both from fresh fruit and marketing opportunities.

This project can also be expanded and established at additional FOM fellowships in the drought stricken regions to help build up their communities and resources.

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