Medical Clinics
Kimondo Medical Clinic

As background information, in 2010 there was a serious cholera outbreak in the Kimondo area including the FOM Kimondo Victory Academy. Twenty-one people died from lack of medical attention in the village and surrounding area. We lost one of our precious academy students, Kevin, to the cholera. He had to be carried through the rain on a stretcher for ten miles to receive medical treatment. Little Kevin’s arrival at the medical facility was too late and he went home to be with Jesus. This horrible incident forced FOM to seriously consider the need for a medical clinic to serve the 214 Kimondo Academy students and staff along with the Kimondo Villagers.

The decision was made to move forward and build a medical clinic. FOM secured the land for a 2,000 square foot clinic that will provide outpatient primary and emergency care, medical examinations, medical/surgical procedures, pharmaceutical storage & dispensing, and administration/records. The Clinic will serve patients of all ages from the whole Kimondo area (10,000 people) otherwise the next available medical care available is ten miles away. In addition, the Clinic would like to have a fully equipped mobile unit to transport patients too ill to walk or critically ill / injured patients who need immediate medical treatment.

FOM received a generous donation in December 2011 to cover the construction of the clinic building shell. Building construction was completed August 2012 and clinic officially opened the same month. Funding to cover all the following budget areas still needs to be secured: finish interior construction, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical & office supplies, telephones, etc. There is a source for electricity which is available a short distance outside of the Kimondo compound; to provide a reliable source for power the electrical will need to be brought on to the FOM site.  An additional water supply is also needed to meet the demands of the medical clinic and provide safe drinking water for additional children. Salaries for a physician, additional nurse, an administrator, and a janitor still need to be addressed. The purchase of one vehicle, maintenance, and fuel are also needed to provide equipping medical transport for those too sick or injured and used for bringing in food, supplies, etc. There will be an annual cost for the ongoing operation of the Kimondo Medical Clinic.

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